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What to wear for business headshot / corporate portrait shoot?

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Corporate portrait photography / Business headshots by London Photo Portfolios
In corporate headshots or business portraits, the clothing should not distract from you - you should avoid any distracting patterns or prints. It is also advisable not to wear much jewellery.

For men it is recommended that you wear a business suit with a shirt and a tie. For women we would recommend a coloured blouse with a suit jacket. Bringing a suit jacket gives you another option even if you would like to shoot in a simple top or a blouse. For your top such as a blouse it is important to wear one colour either white or brighter colours such as red, orange which usually work particularly well with corporate images. Avoid wearing too much black if you can. It is not recommended to wear all black clothing for corporate photography. It is always good idea to bring few business clothing options for your shoot. Our photographer Zuzana can help you with styling on the day of your corporate headshot / corporate portrait shoot.

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