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How much should a model portfolio cost me as a model?

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Great model portfolio is a must-have for a fashion editorial or commercial model. Every model needs to bring her model portfolio to each casting to show how her looks translate in photographs and to show her / his versatility as a model. However please remember that a professional model portfolio can enhance your chances of becoming a successful model only if you do have a real potential in the first place to become a model. If you do have the potential then professional model portfolio can help your modelling career whether you are starting out as a new model or need to update your existing model portfolio. Model book that contains photos which are more than 1 year old is unlikely going to work for you.

Beware of makeover or studios or so called 'professional' model portfolio photographers (who do not shoot model portfolios for any top agencies or fashion brands) and any studios posing as model agents. You could end up spending a lot of money and end up with photos which are completely useless. Please also beware of any model schools or academies or so called 'model agents' who promise to send your photos to top model agencies. Anyone can apply to model agencies - you should not need to pay for such service. However top model agencies do receive hundreds of model applications every week especially be email. The competition in the modelling industry is very tough. To maximise your chances make sure that you shoot your model portfolio with recommended model agency photographer in London who also shoots for magazines and top fashion brands. There were few male photographers recently who made headlines

The things to look for when choosing a photographer for your model portfolio shoot:
  • Is the photographer a reputable fashion photographer shooting for top model agencies? If not then your model portfolio is likely to be a waste of money as top model agencies are very selective about which photographers they work with.
  • Does the photographer shoot for magazines?
  • Does the model portfolio photographer shoot for top fashion brands?
  • Look at the quality of the photos and make sure the photos do not look fake. You need to look natural in your model portfolio and not like a fake barbie. Model and casting agents need to see the real you.
  • The most important modelling advice is to stay SAFE as a model - there were few high profile cases involving male photographers. Especially be very careful about any photographers offering you TFP (Time for Print) especially if male and if you are contacted from sites like 'onemodelplace' and not a reputable photographer. If you are under age 16 or less it is advisable that you are accompanied by your parent for your own safety.

If the model portfolio photographer does not shoot with top model agencies that you most likely end up with photos which are going to be useless.

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